David A Fulton Research Group

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Vacancies and Opportunities


From time to time there will be postdoctoral or PhD opportunities within the DAF group, and these positions will be advertised at www.jobs.ac.uk.

Undergraduate Summer Vaction Projects: The DAF group have regularly hosted one undergraduate student for summar vaction work, which is a good opportunity to get a taste of real research and work on a real research project.  Funding for these opportunities has been provided by either The Royal Society of Chemistry, or Newcastle University's own summary bursary scheme.  Applications must be made jointly by the student and the project supervisor, so please contact DAF if you would be interested in a summer research project.  Please note, the competition for these vaction scholarships is becoming increasingly fierce, and so only students with strong first class marks will be competitive.

Newcastle University MChem projects:  The DAF group regularly host 2-3 MChem students from January-April for MChem project work.  Project outlines are typically distributed in early October. Please contact DAF if you want to know more.


PhD Studentships: If you are a Newcastle student interested in joining the DAF group for your PhD studies, you are strongly advised to contact DAF within the first few weeks of beginning your stage 4 studies.  Newcastle chemistry has a very limited number of PhD studentships and these are distributed based on a number of factors.  If you are a UK/EU student from outside of Newcastle, please contact DAF for further information.


Overseas PhD Students:  The DAF group is a nurturing environment for overseas PhD students to complete their graduate studies.  We are interested to hear from overseas students who can obtain their own funding for PhD studies.  There is a possibility that we maybe able to help with your application or to overcome any administrative/bureaucratic problems you may encounter whilst applying to study in the UK.  Please contact DAF for further information.