David A Fulton Research Group

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David A Fulton Research Group
Based in Chemistry at Newcastle University, we are organic chemists performing creative and imaginative research in the fields of polymer and supramolecular chemistry.  Here you can find out more about what’s going on in our laboratory, including our current and research. The DAF group are based in the Chemical Nanoscience Laboratory, and have received generous funding from EPSRC, BBSRC, EU-FP7, The Royal Society.

News and Research Highlights

DAF Group, November 2016.(l to r) Patrick Higgs, Gema Dura, Antonio Ruiz-Sanchez, David Fulton, Milene Dalmina, Luke Dixon.



August 2017 After quite some time in preparation,"Molecular-recognition mediated transformation of single-chain polymer nanoparticles into crosslinked polymer films" is published in Angewandte Chemie.  In this work we describe how polymer nanoparticles can transform into cross-linked polymer film only when there is complementary molecular recognition between the particles and a surface.  this work was lead by Clare Mahon who is now a Marie Curie Sklodowska fellow at the University of Sydney.


July 2017 In work lead by Antonio Ruiz-Sanchez and Patrick Higgs, the latest installment of our work on Polymer-Scaffolded Dynamic Cominatorial Libraries is published in ACS Macro Letters.  Click here.


June 2017 "A Golden Age for Chemistry" at Nottingham sees many former members of the Stoddart group meet to celebrate the golden anniversary of the independent research career of Fraser Stoddart.

January 2017 David speaks at the "Scottish Symposium" at Northwestern University, a one day symposium bringing together some of the best Scottish (and those who aspire to be Scottish) chemists working on both sides of the Atlantic.  The day was organized and chaired to perfection by Sir Fraser Stoddart, and a very memorable one it was!


January 2016 We say goodbye and good luck to Antonio Ruiz-Sanchez and family who have returned to Malaga.  Antonio will be taking the first steps of the path to full academic independence and a sparkling career is anticipated.  Daniel Crisan takes over from Antonio, joining from University of Birmingham where he worked towards his PhD with Francisco Fernandez-Trillo.


December 2016 Patrick and Antonio presented posters at the 2016 RSC Macrocycles and Supramolecular Chemistry meeting in Edinburgh, where the conference was wrapped-up with with an excellent presentation by 2016 Nobel Prize winner Sir Fraser Stoddart.